Combo Sprocket Tip Bar & Chain for TANAKA 3/8LP .050 14" 16" 18"

Bar and Chains
Semi-professional chainsaw bar made from German steel using Swiss enclosed bearings. Laminate steel construction is suitable for most cutting conditions. Lightweight, ease of control,...

Combo Pro Sprocket Nose Bar & Chain for TANAKA 3/8 .058 20"

Bar and Chains
Precision-engineered chainsaw bar suitable for high-powered chainsaws. Laser-cut super-tough SAE8660 wear-resistant steel from Germany. Followed by heat treatment, tempering, groove grinding, and more hardening....


 At Longer Chainsaws, we have brought the best collection of affordable chainsaw parts in Australia like chainsaw bars and chain directly from the factory to you. We have a variety of chainsaw bars, including minibars and super bars, solid steel, and laminate. Also, you can now use the perfect chains & bars for Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, etc in case you are not sure how to get the right affordable chainsaw bars. All of our Longer bars & chains are made of cold, rolled heat-treated surface ground steel. All these characteristics make the chains & bars for your saws the most durable, strengthened, and full of elasticity, ready to go.

 Similarly, The power plus technology used in Longer bars & chains increases the cutting power & chain speed. So buy affordable Longer chainsaw bars and chains from us, and get your harvesting, trimming, or carving jobs done with full precision. Moreover, our chainsaw parts are the best in Australia and it has been put through rigorous testing & quality assurance before actually getting delivered to the customer.


 Our chainsaw bars come with a variety of distinct features. As a result, the professional chainsaw bars & chains we deal in are high-performance, high-quality as well as durable. Further, we believe in your satisfaction. Therefore, we keep the best-suited chainsaw bars & chains for you.

 Solid Steel Stellite Tip hard Nose Chainsaw Bars

 These bars are used for hard & harsh timber species like Western Australian Blackbutt and thick Tassie Oak. You can use these chainsaw bars and chains in extreme environments like sandy, dusty, and sooty conditions. Great for tough assignments such as land clearing, stump removal, salvage operations, or demolition.

 Laminate Chainsaw Bars

 Laminated chainsaw bars facilitate good cutting control. Lightweight, ease of control, and less kickback. These bars are specifically coated against any corrosion and are scratch-resistant. You can use laminate bars as they provide increased durability, productivity, and reliability.

 Solid Steel Sprocket Nose Chainsaw Bars

 Chainsaw bars are precision engineered and suitable for high-powered chainsaws.  Starting with laser-cut super-tough SAE8660 wear-resistant German solid steel, followed by heat treatment, tempering, groove grinding, and more hardening. Strong professional sprocket nose tip using Swiss enclosed bearings.

Replacement chainsaw sprocket nose tips are used to reduce the load on the bar tip. It is good to use replaceable sprocket nose bars if you decide to change the pitch of the chain you are running. Also, these chainsaw bars are cost-effective because when the sprocket gets damaged, only the nose needs to get replaced rather than the whole bar.

 Carving Bars

 As their name suggests, you can use these bars to carve wood. These are slender solid nose bars that are used with smaller chainsaws. These affordable chainsaw bars and chains are lightweight and have a small-radius nose. The small radius of the nose makes these bars a perfect fit for boring and carving wood.


  • Our objective is to provide durable professional chainsaw bars and chains directly to you.
  • At longer Chainsaws, we provide such chainsaw bars and chains that help in smoother & sharper cutting.
  • We have a team of experts that help you choose the right bars and chains according to your chainsaw.
  • We offer the fairest possible prices for the bars and chains for chainsaws directly from the factory to you.
  • We deal only in quality spare parts of Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, etc… any brand you got we have it.
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