3 Chainsaw Maintenance Tips on the Sunshine Coast


Chainsaw parts require regular care and maintenance to ensure effective and safe performance. For great long-term performance, choose premium chainsaw parts from reputable aftermarket manufacturers like Longer Chainsaws on the Sunshine Coast. Below, our experts go through 3 essential maintenance considerations for your chainsaw.


1. Proper Storage


Your chainsaw should be stored in a dry, dust-free area. Choose somewhere that is well ventilated and protected from the weather. Keeping it outdoors is not advisable. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent UV embrittlement to certain components. The best approach is to store your chainsaw in a special carry bag then place that in a cupboard or room.


2. Regular Servicing


Ensure you keep up with regular servicing to keep your chainsaw in top condition. This includes:
  • Sharpening the chain once you notice pressure needs to be applied to achieve cuts. This ensures efficiency and safety by avoiding kickbacks and stalls.
  • Chainsaw tensioning as well as tightening of any other chainsaw parts loosened by long term use and/or vibration from the engine.
  • Replacing fuel and oil filters, especially after being stored without use for several months. Avoid fuel with ethanol in it for maximum long-term performance.
  • Lubricate the clutch drum bearings to prolong the life and performance of your clutch.
  • Remove the chain and inspect the edge of the chainsaw bar for burrs, filing any that you find.
  • Check the thin chain brake band that wraps in a circle around your clutch drum for any cracks or weak spots.
Perform these routine checks or maintenance jobs approximately once a month depending on how often you use your chainsaw.

3. When to Replace Chainsaw Parts


Replace any components like spark plugs and air filters when they seem excessively dirty, worn or damaged. When it comes to chainsaw parts such as the bar, sprockets, files or chain itself, you can look for wear markers provided by the manufacturer. Once you notice the wear marker has been met, it’s time to replace the part.
Chainsaw bars should last roughly around the lifespan of 4 chains. However, replacement can always come sooner than expected if damage occurs to any of these components from hitting a rock or other unexpected debris.

Quality Chainsaw Parts on the Sunshine Coast


At Longer Chainsaws, we provide quality chainsaw parts on the Sunshine Coast and Australia wide. Explore our range of chains, bars, sprockets and files today or contact us for more information.

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